Sump Pumps & Backup Sump Pumps

Will my sump pump get the job done?

Is my sump pump going to make it through the night? Many people have spent many a stormy night worrying about this exact dilemma. Have Canada’s Pro Plumbing install a new high quality submersible sump pump, so that you can know that when it is needed, your sump pump will prevent a flooded basement and all of the high insurance premiums and deductibles that come along with it. Never mind the mess and aggravation.

However, what if my hydro goes out during a storm?

My sump pump will not work and I will still have a flooded basement!
Not if you have Canada’s Pro Plumbing install a Water Powered Back-up Sump Pump.
These commercial grade pumps are installed along with your primary sump pump and are piped into the water supply coming into your home. They require no electricity to operate. If the hydro should fail or your primary sump pump should not come on for any reason, then the secondary pump (the water-powered unit) automatically comes on and controls the water level until the primary sump pump is working again. All of this is done automatically without any assistance from you, the homeowner! The water powered back-up pump only uses water during the short period that it is being used.
No more drained batteries or lack of performance as in other back-up sump pump systems.

Is there a way to let me know there is a problem?

Yes there is. Canada’s Pro Plumbing can install a High Water Alarm in your sump pump pit. This alarm is designed to sound an audible alarm when the water level reaches a pre-determined height, to alert you of a possible problem developing. An alarm sensor can also be tied into your home security system. This is a very valuable option to consider if you are away from your home for extended periods. The alarm level would be set at the same height as the Water Driven Bach-up Sump Pump. While the back-up sump pump is controlling the water level and preventing a flood, the alarm would be received at your alarm company, allowing them to notify the appropriate contact person.

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Water Drip Calculator
Water Drip Calculator

Find out how much water you are wasting

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Value Pricing
Value Pricing

Our Value Pricing System is very simple. When we are at your home to view the plumbing issue that initiated the call, we will use this system to offer you great discounts to have additional plumbing repairs completed at discounts of up to 75%.

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Water Drip Calculator

Drips per Minute

For smaller/slower leaks... simply count the number of drips in one minute from the leaky fixture.
Note: 5 drips per second amounts to a steady stream.

"Bucket & Stopwatch Method"

For larger/more rapid leaks hold an 8 ounce cup under the dripping fixture and time, in seconds, how long it takes to fill the cup.