About Us

Canada’s Pro Plumbing is a
Full Service Plumbing Company in the Niagara Region

Sink/Plumbing Repair by Canada's Pro PlumbingAlthough we perform many varied plumbing and plumbing related tasks, our main focus is residential and commercial Plumbing Service Work.  Our highly trained service technicians are provided with fully stocked service vehicles and are prepared to troubleshoot any plumbing problem that you may be experiencing in your home or office. We service the Niagara Region which includes St. Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls, Pelham, Fontill, Vineland, Jordan, Beamsville, Grimsby, Welland, Port Colborne, Fort Erie and everywhere in between. 

I need a plumber! How much will it cost?

They will determine what needs to be done to correct the problem and will provide you with a written quote that you approve before any work is started.

That’s right "You Know the Price" BEFORE any work is ever done!

All of our plumbers and plumbing apprentices are trained to perform a repair with long term “permanent “results in mind.

No quick fixes here.

They will provide protection for floors and other areas as needed and will perform a full cleanup when they job is completed.

How can Canada's Pro Plumbing's discount system save me money?

Canada’s Pro Plumbing’s Value Pricing System is designed to allow the customer to take advantage of graduated discounts which can amount to as much as 60-75%.  Just have other plumbing repairs done while we are at your home,  and you will start counting the savings!

Child drinking from tapValue Pricing System - How does it work?

 At Canada’s Pro Plumbing, our Value Pricing System is very simple! While we are at your home, have us repair other plumbing issues while we are already there.

How many times have I heard a customer say?

"I’ve been meaning to call you about another problem, but now that this leak occurred unexpectedly…"

Well, now Canada’s Pro Plumbing has the solution!

After Canada’s Pro Plumbing has viewed the problem which initiated the call, we will use our Value Pricing System to offer you great discounts to have additional plumbing repairs performed while we are already there, that’s right, as much as 75%.

We will provide you with a written quote, detailing what will be done and exactly what it will cost.

That is right "You Know the Price before Any Work Is Ever Done". In addition, all of your savings will be clearly detailed on your quotation, showing the total amount that you are saving.

At Canada’s Pro Plumbing, we are serious about providing professional and affordable solutions to help you, the customer, maintain your plumbing systems in your home.

Canada’s Pro Plumbing can provide you with a complete selection of replacement fixtures. Whether it is a new kitchen or bathroom faucet or new sinks or toilets we deal with only the best manufactures with a proven track record of performance and dependability.

That is why we can offer the best warranty in the business.