Restaurant Maintenance

Are you tired of constantly dealing with faucets that don’t work or are continually leaking? Maybe there seems to be water leaking onto the floor from what seems like a different drain pipe every week. Or worse yet, the drains are backing up and the grease trap is overflowing.

Well Canada’s Pro Plumbing has a solution.

We offer a complete maintenance program that can eliminate these types of aggravations and allow you to focus on running your restaurant.

Our maintenance program can be tailored to your needs and can be performed on a predetermined schedule that will suit the needs of your restaurant.

How will Canada’s Pro Plumbing save us money?

We understand the need to have good value for service provided and buy using the commercial version of our Value Pricing System, we can provide this. Being able to work with your managers to implement our plumbing service system allows us to perform multiple repairs during every visit with little or no extra cost to you.

Scheduled drain cleaning is one service that many restaurants are using, very successfully, to help keep their drains flowing freely and avoid the problem of unexpected back-ups.

Our scheduled maintenance program allows us to keep your restaurant working smoothly while avoiding those costly and unpleasant surprises.Under Construction

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Water Drip Calculator
Water Drip Calculator

Find out how much water you are wasting

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Value Pricing
Value Pricing

Our Value Pricing System is very simple. When we are at your home to view the plumbing issue that initiated the call, we will use this system to offer you great discounts to have additional plumbing repairs completed at discounts of up to 75%.

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Water Drip Calculator

Drips per Minute

For smaller/slower leaks... simply count the number of drips in one minute from the leaky fixture.
Note: 5 drips per second amounts to a steady stream.

"Bucket & Stopwatch Method"

For larger/more rapid leaks hold an 8 ounce cup under the dripping fixture and time, in seconds, how long it takes to fill the cup.