Drain Cleaning

I hear gurgling noises when I drain water or flush a toilet!

This is a very common occurrence. What this generally means is that something is either blocked or partially blocked and is a good indicator that drain problems are on the way. Call Canada's Pro Plumbing now and avoid the mess and aggravation that comes along with backed up drains!

Canada's Pro Plumbing provides a full line of sewer and drain cleaning services.

From sinks, tubs and toilets to floor drains and main sewers, they all can be addressed using the most modern drain cleaning equipment available. Using conventional electrically driven "drain snakes" of various sizes for the smallest of hair clogs or right up to tree root infiltration into the main sewer, Canada's Pro Plumbing can handle it all. We also can provide high-pressure water jetting for the cleaning of sewer systems and septic fields. Grease, soap residue and other build up can accumulate and completely block a drainpipe if left unchecked .The only way to effectively remove this build up, in many cases, is to use high pressure water jetting. The equipment is designed to remove any build up from within the pipe and flush it through the sewer system, and yet not damage the pipe.

Canada's Pro Plumbing also has a Scheduled Maintenance Program that many customers take advantage of. If your main sewer requires yearly or bi-yearly cleaning due to tree root infiltration, and it has already been determined that repair or replacement is not required, then Canada's Pro Plumbing can include you in our scheduled maintenance database.
Instead of waiting for the back up to return, and then call Canada's Pro Plumbing, we take all of the guess work out, and call you to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you when the time has arrived for the scheduled cleaning of the sewer pipe. Not only do we eliminate the mess and aggravation of having the sewer back up but also we perform this scheduled work at a discounted price.

Are you experiencing a reoccurring build up in some or all of your drainpipes?

Most sink drains can be maintained after they have been cleaned properly by using BIO CLEAN.

BIO CLEAN is an environmentally friendly enzyme and bacteria product that prevents build up from re-occurring in the drainpipe by gently breaking down any build up as it occurs. It actually consumes the particles as they try to accumulate in the drain. After Canada's Pro Plumbing has cleaned the drainpipe, we can provide you with a one-year’s supply of BIO CLEAN and show you how simple it is to apply BIO CLEAN to your drain system so that you can eliminate those aggravating backups.

BIO CLEAN is also great for septic systems. It can be used to clean and "re-activate" your septic tank and will control build up in your septic field.

If your sewer line has a history of problems, or is having a first time occurrence of a back up, Canada's Pro Plumbing can perform a Video Inspection of the sewer pipe and will be able to determine the cause of the problem and the overall condition of the pipe. Combined with our pipe locating equipment we can determine whether a thorough drain cleaning, spot or partial repair or complete replacement is required.

Canada’s Pro Plumbing can provide you with compete sewer and water service replacement.

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Water Drip Calculator

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Value Pricing
Value Pricing

Our Value Pricing System is very simple. When we are at your home to view the plumbing issue that initiated the call, we will use this system to offer you great discounts to have additional plumbing repairs completed at discounts of up to 75%.

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Water Drip Calculator

Drips per Minute

For smaller/slower leaks... simply count the number of drips in one minute from the leaky fixture.
Note: 5 drips per second amounts to a steady stream.

"Bucket & Stopwatch Method"

For larger/more rapid leaks hold an 8 ounce cup under the dripping fixture and time, in seconds, how long it takes to fill the cup.