Banging Water Pipes?

A very common complaint that we hear is " I have this banging noise from my water pipes."

This type of problem can be caused by many possibilites.

The first thing we do is pin point the area of the house that the noise originates from. Once this is done, we would look at the obvious sources. If the noise is in the Mechanical Room, it could be a check valve on the hot water tank. Or maybe it's a faulty Main water valve. 

It could be the electric solenoid on your washing machine. They close very quickly, stopping the water flow, which would cause poorly installed water lines to move and cause the banging noise.

Another source could be faulty fill valves in toilets. Or a faulty supply valve at the bathroom or kitchen sink.

The truth is that the banging noise can be caused by one or a combination of any of the above sources.

The best course of action is to contact Canada's Pro Plumbing for a free home evaluation. We can help to determine where the problem is and recommend a permanent solution.